John Mayer fans banding together to raise money for NCIRE

#ParadiseValley - Orlando tonight and JMWB Contest!

Don’t forget to stop by the VHIP table tonight and see our friend and volunteer Amy!  She, and all the other wonderful volunteers, can tell you all about John’s work with Veterans.  AND while you are there, get your picture taken in front of the Paradise Valley back drop and get a free JMWristband!

ALSO, don’t forget about our #ParadiseValley contest!  We are still taking your photo submissions through Wednesday!  Details are below on how to enter!

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    1st place:  “Someone come speak for me” leather cuff
    2nd place: “Someone come speak for me” white silicone wristband
    3rd pace:  World Tour 2013 “VHIP” blue glow in the dark wristband


For those of you who have been supporting NCIRE and VHIP this summer (and prior) THIS is the kind of stuff they are doing. Big props to our friend Gerard!


Hello All,


Some of you have asked if we will be selling wristbands on tour this summer.  Well the answer is…




JMWristbands will be available for sale at EVERY SHOW on the U.S tour. 

So, come find us at the NCIRE table located inside the venue (you won’t miss it because other fun stuff will be happening there), learn some stuff about John’s involvement with NCIRE and buy a wristband!


See you soon!

A Look Inside

In November of last year, John Mayer held a raffle via Celebrities For Charity, and on April 24, John spent the day volunteering alongside the three lucky winners.  The volunteers worked as a part of Veterans Build 2013, an initiative to build homes for those coming back from duty supported by Roger Waters & the Bob Woodruff Foundation.  Everyone spent the day painting a house for Veteran Cliff Malone in Shreveport, Louisiana, and a good time was had by all.
This project included two of our favorite things about John and his management: a legitimate commitment to doing good things for people who deserve it, and a commitment to provide the most unique fan opportunities in the entire music industry. 
On top of that, some of our favorite people were there as well: Robin Morjikian and Gerard Choucroun with NCIRE, and Jenn Havey, Executive Director of John’s Fund for Veterans.  We asked Jenn if she would provide us with some insight regarding what the day was like from her side.
JMWB:   We know you’ve been planning this event for a while now.  What was the hardest part of getting it together?
Jenn:   Honestly, the hardest part in putting it together, was finding a MEANINGFUL event/task for us to do with the winners.  I didn’t want to just choose any charitable event for veterans.  John never “calls it in”, and I knew how appreciative and grateful he was to his fans that spent their hard earned money to buy tickets to this to donate to NCIRE, so I really wanted to be sure the day would MATTER.  And it did 100 fold.
JMWB:   What was the highlight of the day for you personally?
Jenn:    Without question, it was watching John interact with Cliff Malone, the veteran who would be moving into the home we were painting.  It was incredibly moving to see these 2 men from such different worlds, with such different stories and backgrounds – come together and work together.  It was an amazing example of the human spirit.             
JMWB:    What was it like meeting the fans who won the contest and watching them interact with John?
Jenn:   It was pretty great :)  I too am a huge music fan, and though I’ve worked in the business for a long time, I haven’t forgotten that feeling of the first time you meet one of your heroes.  And to get to do so in such an intimate and meaningful way is pretty incredible – I was happy to be able to facilitate that experience for them. 
JMWB:   As an observer, what do you think the winners were able to take away from the event?
Jenn:    Well having received feedback from all 3 of the winners afterwards, I can say confidently, that they all took away an amazing experience to have done such important work alongside one of their heroes.
JMWB:   Did you really think it was a good idea to wear white to a painting project at a construction site?  Tell the truth.
Jenn:           GREAT QUESTION.  I clearly didn’t put careful thought into my outfit.
You can read more about the event on the Veterans’ Support tab of John’s official website.

What is NCIRE?

Our friends at NCIRE have provided us with this great video explanation.  Please watch and share.


Everyone please click on the link, learn more, and then donate to the Integrative Exercise research project for veterans with PTSD that John funds. 


We have about 100 “Born and Raised” slap bracelets left and they must go so we are selling them in our shop for half off!

Check it out here!

Peace, Love and JM,


2 things of awesome…

1.  Friday is the last day to buy a raffle ticket.  Drawing is also Friday.  You have a chance to spend the day with John helping Vets! All proceeds go to NCIRE.  Get your tickets here (do it quickly, time is running out!)

2.  Sue and Brenda have been featured on the Wells Fargo facebook page for their work with NCIRE and as JMWristband founders. Check it out here.

Peace, Love and John Mayer-


Friday is the last day you can buy a raffle ticket to spend the day with John Mayer helping veterans. All proceeds from the raffle go to NCIRE