John Mayer fans banding together to raise money for NCIRE


Dear J.M. Smucker Co,
Orrville, OH

Recently I have rediscovered the simple joy of a peanut butter and honey sandwich. The peanut butter I always choose is Jif. (The honey I use is not important.) I find its ease in preparation to be a large factor in deciding to make one of these sandwiches….

#ParadiseValley - Orlando tonight and JMWB Contest!

Don’t forget to stop by the VHIP table tonight and see our friend and volunteer Amy!  She, and all the other wonderful volunteers, can tell you all about John’s work with Veterans.  AND while you are there, get your picture taken in front of the Paradise Valley back drop and get a free JMWristband!

ALSO, don’t forget about our #ParadiseValley contest!  We are still taking your photo submissions through Wednesday!  Details are below on how to enter!

  1. Submit your #ParadiseValley photo via email to  (please include your name and/or twitter or instagram handle with your submission) OR use the hashtag #JMWBContest to submit your photo via Instagram or Twitter between December 4th and December 11th
  2. On December 12th, we will post all the submitted pictures on our Instagram @jmwristbands
  3. December 12-18 will be open voting.  You can vote for your favorite picture by liking it on our Instagram
  4. On December 20th the top 3 pictures with the most likes will win! 
    1st place:  “Someone come speak for me” leather cuff
    2nd place: “Someone come speak for me” white silicone wristband
    3rd pace:  World Tour 2013 “VHIP” blue glow in the dark wristband


Weekend Recap: Music, Caring and Goodness

Sue and I had are just winding down from our weekend road trip which started in Chicago, then Indianapolis, and ended in Springfield.   
We had the pleasure of volunteering with some really excellent people this weekend. 
In Chicago we had a volunteer, Candace, who was volunteering in the memory of her friend who was injured in Iraq and suffered from PTS.  Hearing her tell his story brought me to tears.  To make the long story short, he joined the military because he had no where else to go, he got injured in combat, and was even awarded a purple heart. Unfortunately , he just couldn’t cope with the effects of war, and took his own life.  
Candace was fantastic.  She actually had such a great time, and was so passionate about what we were doing that she came back and helped us volunteer in Springfield. It was pretty amazing.   
In Indianapolis we were able to meet up with a friend, his wife and their 10 year old daughter Isabelle. They volunteered and Isabelle was THE GREATEST!  Some of you may have seen Isabelle’s picture on the official twitter. Her favorite song is Neon and she was certain he wouldn’t play it… But he did! She really was the happiest 10 year old ever!
In Springfield we had a volunteer who was an injured veteran. She was so amazing. Her story was heartbreaking and unfortunately so common to veterans returning home.  She told the group of volunteers a little bit about her time in the Marines and the Army (that’s right, BOTH) and also gave us some really shocking facts.  She said that Veterans DON’T have healthcare. Like most of us who have jobs and are offered healthcare benefits, they do not have that option. If they get sick they can’t just go to the VA as there are not enough doctors and without private healthcare, most cant afford to see a regular doctor. She was injured in combat and still has to wait to get the full treatment she needs from the VA. It’s just unreal. We really felt honored to have her with us. 
To sum things up, John spoke a lot on stage this weekend about seeing so much good in his fans. There is no truer statement and we are still amazed at the opportunity to experience this first hand. 
One last thing, after talking to Candace about her friend, she asked that we never give up on this cause.

Do you want to help JMWristbands this summer?

Hi Guys,

JMWristbands is looking for volunteers to help us out on Johns tour this summer.  We don’t have specifics that we can share yet.  Right now we are just trying to gather some relyable people who are pasionate about John’s work with Veterans, WHO ALREADY HAVE TICKETS TO SHOWS, and want help us out.

Specifically we are looking for people to help at the following shows, but if you are attending any of the other shows on the U.S. leg of the tour, and want more information, please feel free to email us as well.

July 16  and July 17 - Red Rocks, CO
August 20 - Bethel, NY
August 25 - Burgettstown, PA
August 30- Saratoga Springs, NY

If you are interested in volunteering with us this summer, please email us at


Brenda, Sue, Kristy and Drew

Monday Funday!
So lets have some Monday fun!
That’s my CD player on my car. Can you guess which 6 John mayer CDs it holds?  First person to email us the right answer to wins a white “someone come speak for me” wristband!  
You have until tomorrow night to guess! 


Monday Funday!
So lets have some Monday fun!
That’s my CD player on my car. Can you guess which 6 John mayer CDs it holds? First person to email us the right answer to wins a white “someone come speak for me” wristband!
You have until tomorrow night to guess!


Great quote from John Mayer in the article!


Hello All,

We have a few things to share„,

First, if you had an outstanding order or emailed us recently about an order - those items all shipped today, So thanks again to everyone for waiting! 

Second, we have no stock.All outstanding orders were shipped, and our remaining stock went with it (we will tell you later where it went). So, if something happens and you don’t get your item this time around, we cant reship.  If on the off chance this happens, email us and we will work something out.   

Lastly, we don’t know if anyone noticed but we no longer have the shop page on the website.  This doesn’t mean we aren’t going to sell wristbands anymore, but it does mean some things are changing.  We really cant wait to tell you all about it, because its a good thing for everyone, especially NCIRE! Trust us, its AWESOME!

We hope everyone saw out sneak peek, and are just as excited as we are about it.  As soon as we can share more about what we are up too, we will! So hang tight, cool things are happening…we promise!!

- Brenda, Sue, Kristy and Drew


Sneak Peek!

Sneak Peek!

What is NCIRE?

Our friends at NCIRE have provided us with this great video explanation.  Please watch and share.