John Mayer fans banding together to raise money for NCIRE


JMWristbands is having a blowout sale!  We wanted to find a fun way to offload some of our old merch so we have opened up a “virtual grab bag”.   

Anyone who donates $3.00 or more to NCIRE through our website will get something from the bag.

Here is how it works:


1.        Go to our website and click on the “shop” page

2.       Flip to pages 2-3 of the book and click on the “DONATE” sticker

3.       Make a donation to NCIRE (remember any donation of $3.00 or more gets something from the bag)

4.       Check out the possible grab bag items on pages 4-5 of the flip book

5.       Once your donation is received, we will send you something from our grab bag!


It’s that easy. 


Tip: The more you donate, the more you get!

-Brenda, Sue, Kristy and Drew


You guys are really coming through on the nominations!  Thanks to everyone who has submitted a nomination so far.  We have received A LOT of really great entries, but we would love to see more.

Remember, we will be picking 3 nominations that YOU will get to vote on.  Person with the most votes at the end of the voting period, wins the John Mayer signed love(v.) wristband!

You can submit your nomination here through July 20th. 



Hi Guys!

The Nominations are rolling in already! YAHOO!

Just a few things on the nominations…  We want to give the wristband to a fan who really deserves to have it!  We want to know things like: why they are a HUGE JM fan, John’s music has changed thier life, they are a great person because…, they do good things for others, etc. (You get the point) 
We want to read your nominations and go “aaawwwweee” and say “this person really deserves it!”.  So PLEASE put some thought into your nomination!

If you know someone who would love to have something signed by John and it would MAKE THEIR LIFE to have it, than PLEASE nominate them!

You can complete the nomination form on our NOMINATIONS page here!  Nominations end on July 20th so go go go!


Free wristband autographed by @jhnmyr for whoever deserves it most

Hello All!

We have some bad news, some good news, and some GREAT news.   

Bad news first:  We did not make our goal of selling 400 wristbands by July 1st.   This means, we still have an unclaimed JM signed wristband. 
Good news:  We raised just over $3,000.00 for NCIRE in a little over a month!
Now, who wants the GREAT news?
We asked our friends at Mick what we should do with the last signed wristband and the answer was simple: give it to someone who deserves it!  So we thought, what better way to decide who deserves it than by asking you all?  Beginning Friday, July 6th, JMWB is giving you an opportunity to win the final John Mayer signed love (v.) wristband!   Here is how this will work: On Friday, July 6th, you can go to our website and nominate someone who you think deserves to win the 4th wristband autographed by John.  We aren’t looking for who has the most nominations, but who genuinely deserves to win, so put some thought into writing your nomination!    You cannot nominate yourself!  Nominations will be accepted through Friday, July 20th.  At that point, we will read all the nominations and choose our top 3 favorites.  Beginning Monday, July 23rd, the top three will be posted on our website and we will open up the voting!  You will be able to come to our website and vote for your favorite through July 27th.   The person with the most votes will be announced on July 28th and will be awarded the final John Mayer signed wristband! 
Peace, Love and John Mayer-
Brenda, Sue, Kristy and Drew


Hello All,

We just wanted to give you a quick reminder that our JM Signed Wristband give away is ending on July 1st.  You have 14 more days to buy a wristband and get your name into the drawing to win our last signed wristband!  Go here and get your order in!

Our second winner, Tori sent us this picture this morning… Look at all those wristbands!!!!


PS: Tori is proof the more you buy, the better your chances!


93 more left to go before we can give away our FINAL signed wristband! 

Remember, the contest ends July 1st so we will need to sell 93 more before July 1st in order to give the signed wristband away! The more you buy, the better your chances are of winning, and this is your last chance to win!!

So run and tell all your friends, tweet about it, facebook it, write a song about it, whatever you need to do to help us reach our goal… NOW GO!

-JMWB Crew


The JMWB peeps LOVE to be able to give things away so…here is the deal: 

Thanks to our wonderful friend Erika at JMMA, we have 8 of the large vinyl Born and Raised Stickers to give away.  Right now we are only 24 wristbands away from hitting 300!  And once we hit 300, we get to give another JOHN MAYER SIGNED wristband away (best prize EVER!)

This is how it will work:
Every THIRD person to buy a wristband between now and the time we hit 300, wins a sticker.  Thats it, pretty simple!

Reblog, RT, Share on FB.. GO!



We have noticed that a lot of you have been receiving the wristbands you ordered! 

What do you think? Let us know, send us pictures too and we will post them here!


Current Count: UPDATE!

257!  We need to sell 43 more wristbands in order to give another John Mayer signed wristband away!  We would LOVE to accomplish this today so if you can help us out by re-blogging, telling your friends, telling strangers, tweeting, shouting it from the rooftops.. whatever you can do! Now go to it!

Again, all the details are here and all proceeds go here!

We have a winner!

Contratulations to Tori (@torrzanne), who is proof of “the more you buy the better the odds!”!

Tori is our second winner of one of the John Mayer signed love (v.) wristbands!!!

And, we still have 2 more to give away so keep buying!!